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Current Bids

Information pertaining to projects currently and recently out to bid can be found here.

Plans and specifications for projects are available for viewing electronically. However, bid forms are not online. In order to obtain bid forms for a specific project hard copies of plans and specifications must be purchased.

  • To view plans and specifications for a project electronically, click the Project Title listed in the Current Projects table below.
  • To purchase hard copies of plans, specifications and bid forms for a project, click the “Add to Cart” button listed in the Current Projects table below. All hard copies are printed and sold out of our Mentor, Ohio office.

For problems VIEWING, REGISTERING or PAYING for the documents, please contact planroom@ctconsultants.com or call (440) 530-2395. 

QUESTIONS DURING BIDDING can be relayed to the contact listed in the comments field of the appropriate job.

Special Conditions of Use for Electronic Files and Hard Copies of Plans and Specifications:

  • The electronic files and hard copies thereof of the plans and specifications may be utilized by prime contractors to see if they wish to purchase the entire set of plans and specifications and by subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers to prepare quotes to prime contractors for that project. Any other use is strictly prohibited.
  • The electronic files and hard copies thereof of the plans and specifications may be utilized by construction news agencies to inform contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and manufacturers of projects available for bid and the scope of the project. Any other use is strictly prohibited. No electronic files may be sold or distributed for a per project or per file fee. No hard copies thereof may be distributed except that one copy may be printed for use in each Plan Room and must be destroyed within 7 days after the Bid Opening.
  • All electronic files presented on the CT Consultants, Inc. website or hard copies thereof and all electronic files and/or hard copies of the plans and specifications purchased or otherwise received directly or indirectly from CT Consultants are copyright protected materials and except as noted above are not to be reproduced in any form or otherwise utilized in whole or in part without expressed written permission from CT Consultants, Inc.


EJCDC General Conditions: EJCDC C-700 Standard General Conditions 2007
AIA General Conditions: AIA General Conditions – A 201 (2017 Version)
ORC 153.571 Generic Bond Form: ORC 153 571 Rollover Bond – Blank Generic

Current Projects

To view any files saved in MS Excel or MS Word format in the project files, click on Save, save to your drive, then open the file.
10/01/2020 20057001 Olentangy LSD - Elementary School No. 16 Off-Site Sanitary Improvements Olentangy Local School District, Ohio $ 125.00 All questions during bidding should be addressed to Brett Blevins, P.E., who can be reached at (614) 885-1700, ext. 577. Add to Cart
09/30/2020 190534 LCBC/LCDU - S.O.M. Center Road under I-90 Waterline Replacement Improvement Lake Co. Board of Commissioners / Lake Co. Dept. of Utilities $ Bid package may be obtained upon receipt of payment of $200.00 from the office of Lake Blue, Inc. (8954 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060, (440)-205-0050, lakeblueplanroom.com) Monday through Friday, 8:30 - 5 PM. Checks to be made payable to Lake Blue, Inc.

Inquiries must be submitted in writing to Michael P. Cyvas, P.E., CT Consultants, Inc. (8150 Sterling Court, Mentor, Ohio 44060, (440)-530-2323, mcyvas@ctconsultants.com). Questions asked within 72 hours of the bid opening cannot be answered.
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09/28/2020 200555 Hermitage - 2019 CDBG Roadway Improvements City of Hermitage, Pennsylvania $ 110.00 All questions during bidding should be addressed to Ian Garfoli at CT200555@ctconsultants.com. Add to Cart

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Additional Information (see links below):

  1. Upcoming Bids
    • Lists most projects currently in the final phase of design.
    • The Month/Year date column provides an estimated bid date for each project. The estimated bid date shown is subject to change.
    • When advertised, projects for bid will be moved from this list to the Current Projects table above.
  2. Apparent Low Bids
    • Available for most projects.
    • Posted either the day of the bid or the next business day.
    • Links are located under the specific project name in the Opened & Awarded Bids table.
  3. Opened & Awarded Bids
    • Lists the contractor awarded the project.
    • Lists the awarded contract amount.
    • Project data available only after legislative action by the municipality (+/- 7 -30 days after bids are received).
    • Projects will remain on this list at least until the contract is fully executed (+/- 4-6 weeks).
  4. Bid Tabs
    • Most, but not all bid tabs are available.
    • Posted in .pdf format.
    • Sorted in list by Owner.
    • Posted once the Owner awards the project or rejects all bids and does not rebid.