Upcoming Bids

Advertise DateProject NumberProject TitleProject OwnerComments
03/05/2024220132Parma - Brookview Boulevard Water Main ReplacementCity of Parma, OH
03/01/2024241050Germantown - High Service Area Water Tower RehabilitationCity of Germantown, OH
02/15/202424033601Germantown - Fire Hydrant & Valve Replacement Program - Phase 1City of Germantown, OH
03/01/2024220733Jefferson - Wastewater Treatment Plant EQ Basin ImprovementsVillage of Jefferson, OH
03/01/2024231183Geneva-on-the-Lake - Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line ReplacementVillage of Geneva-on-the-Lake, OH
03/01/2024232009Ashtabula Co. - Lenox New Lyme Water Booster StationAshtabula County Board of Commissioners
03/01/202422099105CWheeling - Valleyview Storm Sewer Improvements City of Wheeling - WV
03/01/202422099104CWheeling - Valleyview Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsCity of Wheeling, WV
03/01/2024231566ABC Water and Stormwater District - Forest Lawn Stormwater Park ABC Water and Stormwater District
03/01/2024231140Ashtabula - Carpenter Road Sanitary Sewer Overflow EliminationAshtabula County Board of Commissioners
03/01/202423013505Willoughby- SOM Center SidewalksCity of Willoughby, OH
03/01/2024231186Genoa - 150k and 500k Water Tank ImprovementsVillage of Genoa, OH
03/01/2024231064Ashtabula Co. - Bishop Road WatermainAshtabula Co. Board of Commissioners
03/01/2024230338Marblehead - Church Street ImprovementsVillage of Marblehead, OH